Anti Corrosive Protective Coating

Arudra has all the required resources, SSPC certified Blaster, Painter and SSPC / NACE Level II certified Coating inspector to support our Project, good financial strength and quick mobility facilities to carry out the job. We have state of art of tools and tackles, coating / Blasting equipment, airless spray equipment, Compressor, advance NDT equipment, De-humidifier etc., Fro More details you can visit our exclusive web site for coating services at -

We have very good experience in the following activities

  • Full length condenser tube coating
  • U tube heat exchanger coating
  • Static and rotating equipment coating (Condenser, Cooler, Pump, Tank, Vessel etc.,)
  • Other protective coating application
  • Structure
  • Pipelines
  • Spools etc.,
  • Marine application (Jacket and Hull etc.,)

Special Note

We provide high quality anti-corrosive protective coating with Plastocor 100% solid materials for various applications like Tube sheet, Water box, Internal full length tube coating, sea water pipeline coating etc., for further details please visit our principle PLASTACOR INTERNATIONAL web site

We provide following special type of Coating for various applications like Heat exchanger, heater, Boiler tubes, Cable line, Transmission line, Pipeline, Vessel etc., according to the customer requirements.

  • Solid epoxy anti - corrosive Protective coating
  • Ceramic coating
  • Glass flake coating
  • Fire proof / Fire Retardant coating
  • Thermal spray / HVOF / HVAF coating

We have executed anti- corrosive protective coating / painting jobs in India, Vietnam, Srilanka, Malaysia, Kuwait and Singapore successfully..

Arudra will follow highest standard on HSE norms and Product manufacture recommendation, customer specification and will meet on time project schedule.