Insitu Machining Services


  • The housing assembliesare first mounted to front and back end of faceof the to-be-machined area.
  • The boring bar is inserted into the housing such that it passes through the job and rests on the housing fit on the back.
  • Then the motor is attached to the boring bar.
  • The tool holder is fixed on the boring bar. Also, the single point cutting tool is fit on the holder.
  • The housing assembly is checked for run-out and face-out.
  • The machine is started after preliminary study is completed. The job is machined with the help of a special purpose feed machine.
  • Once a particular depth is removed the tool holder is set to its original position and the steps are repeated.

In-situ Flange Facing / Milling services

In-situ flange facing is the process of resurfacing flanges by machining to ensure a perfect seal when assembled
The newly machined surface then allows for an improved seal.
In-situ flange facing helps to keep your plant running efficiently and safely
Arudra In-situ flange facers save time and money by doing repairs In-situ and In-place.
Arudra In-situ flange facing machines are equipped with options like milling head, grinders or single point tool depending on the job to be performed
We can provide any type of surface finish as required.
We are equipped with full line of In-situ flange faces that can handle sizes ranging from 50 mm to 3000 mm in diameter and larger diameter upon request.

Areas of operation

Raised Face Flanges, Flat Face Flanges, RTJ Flanges, Re-Face Valve Seats & Compressors, Lens Ring Flanges, Tube Sheet Re-facing in Heat Exchangers, Shells, Man Ways, Pivot Bearing Faces on Heavy Equipment, Turbine Casings, Pressure Vessels, Process Reactors, Coupling Flanges, Hand Holes, Ring Groove, Diesel Engine Liners, Engine Block Landing Surfaces, Slewing Ring Landing Faces, Leaking Mating Surfaces, Pump Bases, Crane Pedestals, Channel Heads, Swicel Ring Flanges etc.

All machining is done to industry standards and specifications.