LFET Scanner is used to detect material loss which caused by corrosion or other detoriation process.The LFET operated scanner moves over the entire surface of the tank,while generating an electromagentic field into the steel plate.The Electromagnetic field generates Eddy current in the conductuive material.The system measures the changes in the electromagnetic Field caused by the generated eddy current. The defects and the corrosion maps are calculated from these collected values. LFET scanners are used widely to detect corrosion pits, Holes, Material loss caused by corrosion on storage Tank, Tank bottoms etc.,

LFET for Boiler Tube Testing and tank floor inspection.It also helps to identify potential boiler tube failures and replace the sections during an outage.

  • Super Heater , Water wall, Re-heater and economizer tubing in utility Boiler tube
  • Inspection performed from OD side flaw can detected both OD & ID
  • Both magnetic and non-magnetic scanned
  • Detects flaws, including corrosion cells and hydrogen damage, caustic and phosphate gouging, oxygen pitting, departure from nucleate boiler, ID pitting, corrosion, and erosion.
  • Tank floor also scanned


  • Identification of Caustic and Phosphate Gouging.
  • Corrosion Cells
  • Hydrogen Damage
  • Oxygen Pitting
  • Cracking,Erosion and Manufacturing Defects.