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Leading the Way in Chemical Cleaning and NDT/Inspection Services

For over three decades, Arudra has stood as a premier provider of Chemical Cleaning Services, catering to clients not only in India but also across various regions in Asia. With an impressive clientele including industry giants like GE Power, Alstom, Siemens, and many more, Arudra has successfully executed extensive cleaning projects spanning India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE, and Africa.

35+ Years
15+ Countries
200+ Clients
200+ People
Arudra prioritizes excellence in all aspects, consistently endeavoring to incorporate international best practices through partnerships with esteemed engineering counterparts in the USA and Switzerland. This commitment to quality and a global perspective has enabled us to secure significant engineering contracts globally, providing comprehensive turnkey solutions to the power industry across 15 countries. Upholding stringent values centered on safety and quality, our seasoned engineers diligently adhere to international environmental and safety standards, ensuring the delivery of top-tier products and services without compromise.
With a firm belief in delivering unparalleled quality, Arudra has forged a reputation for excellence in the global engineering landscape. Through strategic collaboration with leading engineering partners in the USA and Switzerland, we continually integrate international best practices into our operations, solidifying our position as a preferred choice for major engineering contracts worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to safety and quality underpins every aspect of our work, with experienced engineers dedicated to upholding the highest environmental and safety standards, ensuring the utmost reliability and performance in all our offerings.

Our Goal

Our goal is to emerge as a leading service provider in the industrial sector, serving as the ultimate destination for all global industrial cleaning needs.

Our Experience

We have extensive geographical experience covering nearly every part of the globe, complemented by over three decades of industrial cleaning expertise spanning more than 20 industrial domains.

Our Growth

Continuous growth is integral to our operations. We are dedicated to fostering sustained progress in technology, manpower, and skill development.

Revolutionizing Industrial Maintenance:

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