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Arudra continues to stand as one of the leading Chemical Cleaning & NDT/Inspection service providers in India, having executed projects across 200 public & private sector thermal power plants.
We have evolved over the years by integrating our offerings into a range of performance improvement products & services that help our power industry clients solve a range of maintenance issues and save enormous costs over the course of operation.
Arudra believes in offering the best-in-class products & services at all times and have over the years strived to adapt international best practices by liaising with expert engineering counterparts across USA & Switzerland.
Emphasis on quality and a global outlook have helped Arudra secure large engineering contracts at a global level and we take pride in serving the power industry across 15 countries in a range of turnkey engineering activities.
Arudra’s values revolve around safety and quality and our well experienced engineers abide by international environment & safety standards with no compromise on quality of products & services provided.

Over the last 35 years, Arudra has been one of the leading Chemical Cleaning Service providers across India and several parts of Asia. Arudra continues to serve several world-renowned power industry clients such as GE Power, Alstom, Siemens, Doosan, L&T, MHPS, BHEL, Shanghai Electric, Samsung, TOYO etc., executing large scale cleaning projects across India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE & Africa. Our Chemical Cleaning team consists of highly skilled & experienced engineers working round the clock to ensure safe, prompt, cost – effective and the highest quality of chemical cleaning services.

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Arudra Chemical Cleaning Services